Product Name:Drainpipe Anti-freezing Heating Cable

Product Structure:
Totally waterproof
Double insulation
Moulded terminations
Extremely flexible
Product Model:

Product Application:
In cold stores, after a certain time of operation, there is build up of ice on the cooler fins and a defrosting cycle must take place.
Electrical resistances are inserted between the fins to melt the ice, and the water is collected and passed through drain popes for disposal. Some meters if the drain popes are inside the cold store, so consequently the eater may freeze again. To avoid this problem, a drain line heater is inserted into the pope. It is switched on only during the defrosting cycle.

Technical Data Sheet:
Heating element Nickel Chromium or Copper-Nickel alloy wire
Insulation Silicone rubber
Shape Flat
End of cable Waterproof silicone moulding
Cold tail 1m
Output 40 or 50W/m
Tolerance ±5% on resistance
Voltage 230V
Max. surface temperature 200℃
Min. surface temperature -70℃

Length in m 40 W/m 50 W/m
1.0 40W 50W
1.3 52W 65W
1.5 60W 75W
2.0 80W 100W
3.0 120W 150W
4.0 160W 200W
5.0 200W 250W
6.0 240W 300W

It can be made according to the customers' demand.
These cables cannot be cut to reduce cold tail length
The heating cables with 50W/m are most commonly used. For plastic popes however we recommend the use of heaters with 40W/m.

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