Product Name:Aluminum Tube Heater

Product Structure:

Aluminum tube heating element uses aluminum pipe as heat carrier. Put heater wire component in aluminum tube to form different shape components.
Diameter of aluminum tube: Ø4,Ø4.5,Ø5,Ø6.35

Product Application:
It is widely used to defrosting and heat preservation for refrigerator and freezer as well as other electrical equipment. It’s with rapid speed on heat and with equality, security, through thermostat, power density, insulation material, temperature switch , heat scatter conditions can be required on temperature, mainly for frost elimination in refrigerator, frozen elimination and other power heat appliance.
Technical Data Sheet:

Electrical insulation 105℃PVC Silicon rubber
Dimension Any dimension on request
Voltage Any voltage on request
Output Up to 15W/m Up to 40W/m
Tolerances ≤±5% on resistance
Insulation resistance in normal temperature ≥100 MΩ
Dielectric strength in normal temperature 1800V 2S, No flashover and break down
Leakage current in working temperature ≤0.02 mA/m
Connect strength ≥36N 1min ≥36N 1min
≥58.8N 1min ≥58.8N 1min
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